Safety Policy

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safety, health & environment policy

Under the Health and Safety Labour Laws, J.GOLD recognizes and accepts its health and safety duties for providing a safe and healthy working environment (as far as is reasonably practicable) for all its workers.

It is our duty to provide our employees with a safe and comprehensive healthy working environment and conditions. This commitment is embedded across our operations, business processes, and functions as part of everything we do.

Throughout this Statement, terms such as ‘staff’, ‘workers’, and ‘employees’ include both paid and volunteer workers, while ‘group/organization’ references the organization, J.Gold.

It is the policy of the group/organization to promote the health and safety of the committee members, volunteers, staff, and all visitors to the group/organization’s premises (‘the premis- es’) and to that intent, to:

Take all reasonably practicable steps to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all personnel on the premises.

Provide adequate working conditions with proper facili- ties to safeguard the health and safety of personnel and to ensure that any work which is undertaken produces no unnec- essary risk to health or safety.

Encourage persons on the premises to cooperate with the organisation in all safety matters, in identifying hazards and reporting any condition that may appear dangerous or unsatisfactory.

Provide sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable everyone to avoid hazards and contrib- ute to their safety and health.

Provide specific information, instruction, training and supervision to personnel with particular health and safety responsibilities (e.g., a person appointed as a Health and Safety Officer or Representative).